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  • Access to information

    Lists, data and information for the County Council. Includes access to our information, the publications scheme, freedom of information requests, charges for information, privacy information and other service data.

  • Books on prescription

    Books on prescription (BOP) is a scheme to offer patients and service users self-help books from the library under GPs and mental health professionals prescription.

  • Changing schools

    Information on how to apply to transfer your child to another school during the school year.

  • Chemical and hazardous waste disposal

    We can accept small amounts of household chemicals from members of the public, free of charge.

  • Child employment permit

    All school age children who work part-time must be registered with us. It is the responsibility of the employer to register all school age children working for them, and to carry out a risk assessment.

  • Child performance licence

    A child performance licence must be obtained if a child under compulsory school leaving age performs in theatre, modelling, sport and in licensed premises.

  • Common land and village greens

    We deal with applications to register new village greens, where it can be shown that new greens have come into existence, by virtue of long usage by local communities. We can supply application forms for use in this context.

  • Criminal records bureau (CRB)

    Warwickshire County Council is proud to provide CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) services, aimed at helping organisations to undertake security checks of those working for them, ensuring that their customers are protected from harm.

  • Cycle training

    Cycling is healthy and fun, but it's important to learn how to do it safely. Children now have the chance to get their Bikeability award as part of a national scheme.

  • Disabled parking bay

    Apply for an advisory disabled parking bay

  • Disabled parking badges

    The Blue Badge scheme is a European scheme which gives parking concessions in the UK and Europe to people with severe mobility problems. It allows badge holders to park closer than other members of the public to their destinations.

  • Dropped kerbs

    Details on the requirements you need to meet in order to apply for a dropped kerb.

  • Estate road design guide - road adoption application

    The majority of housing developers prefer to have the roads and footpaths serving their new housing developments adopted by the highways authority. The council is then responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in a clean and safe condition.

  • European funding

    With the exception of the first two programmes below which provide funding for local projects, the other funds usually require 'transnational working'. This means that projects need to include European partners in other Member States, sometimes as part of large partnerships.

  • Explosive storage licence

    Warwickshire Trading Standards license or register premises that store explosives (other than private storage for personal use).

  • Fire and rescue emergency support service

    The Fire & Emergency Support Service (FESS) is designed to meet the needs of people who have suffered damage to their homes following a fire, flood or similar incident.

  • Freedom of Information

    Information on the Freedom of Information Act, how it extends your rights to access data held by public authorities, and how to request data from us.

  • Free (concessionary) bus travel for older and disabled people

    The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme(ENCTS) is a national scheme that provides free off-peak local bus travel throughout England. Eligibility is determined either by age or a qualifying disability.

  • Free school meals

    If you have children up to the age of 19 years in full-time education at a Warwickshire maintained school or nursery you may be entitled to claim free school meals, providing you receive a qualifying benefit.

  • Funding for local projects

    Each Localities and Communities Team has funding for their area.

  • Join the Library

    You may apply to join the Library online or visit your local Library. Information includes eligibility, identification requirements and membership details.

  • Local funding advice

    Grant advice and local community funding.

  • Minibus and passenger vehicles - training and assessment

    Warwickshire road safety education can provide driver training and assessment for those vehicles which can be driven using a normal full car licence, except tail lift minibuses which require MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) training and assessment.

  • Organising an event on the highway

    The highway is a road or street, verge, footway or pavement, public footpath or bridleway that is the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council as the highway authority.

  • Petroleum storage licence

    To run a business where petrol is stored for dispensing directly into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine - or where large amounts of petrol are stored for private use - you need a licence from your local petroleum licensing authority.

  • Places at a grammar school

    Information on how to apply for a place at a grammar school, including how to register for the Warwickshire Selection Test.

  • Place at secondary school

    Warwickshire residents can apply online from July 2011 onwards for a place in secondary school. Application packs will be sent out to children attending Warwickshire primary and junior schools at the start of June.

  • Place in a primary, infant or junior school

    In Warwickshire children start infant or primary school the September after their fourth birthday. Find out how to apply for a place at these schools.

  • Planning permission

    Planning applications for minerals or waste related development should be submitted to Warwickshire County Council for determination. Other types of planning application such as housing, industrial or commercial developments should be made to the District or Borough Council.

  • Private road protection

    Details about and how to apply for private road access marking.

  • Recycling centre vehicle permits

    Vehicle and trailer restrictions apply at all household waste recycling centres in Warwickshire. The permit and voucher system enables some residents to use vehicles otherwise excluded by the vehicle and trailer restrictions.

  • Renew your Library item

    You can renew up to three times, unless your items have been requested by another borrower and renew overdue books but existing fines will still apply.

  • Road signs

    All signs and road markings in Warwickshire on the public highway must be authorised by us as the highway authority.

  • School place appeals

    If you are unsuccessful with you school admission process, you can appeal the decision.

  • Skip license

    To put a builder's skip on a public road, you need a licence from the local authority.

  • Sports ground safety certificate

    If you operate a sports ground in England, Scotland or Wales that holds more than 10,000 spectators (5,000 in the case of Premier or Football league grounds), you may be required to hold a safety certificate.

  • Street café licence

    To put tables and chairs on a Warwickshire public highway, you will need to obtain a licence from us before doing so.

  • Performing animals registration

    If you exhibit, use or train performing animals, in England, Wales or Scotland, you must be registered with your local authority.

  • Street parties

    Street parties and fetes are a traditional part of community life. They are a simple way for us to get to know our neighbours and meet members of our community.

  • Street works licence

    Statutory Undertakers, Gas, Electric, Water and Telecommunications, have a right to open any part of the highway (subject to due notification to the Highway Authority) in order to install or maintain their equipment in publicly maintainable highway.

  • Temporary road closure

    We can authorise a road to be closed to allow road works to take place or to ensure safety at a sporting or social event. District and Borough councils can also authorise closures for street parties and fairs etc. The Police can close roads for public safety reasons.

  • Temporary structures licence on the highway

    To put a temporary structure - scaffolding, hoarding and cranes/access arms - on a public road, you need a licence from the local authority.

  • Tender and procurement opportunities

    Full list of tender opportunities, procurement guidelines and standards, and further information for suppliers.

  • Transport assistance for students under 16

    If you would like to apply for help with transport assistance you must meet the following criteria and then complete an application form.

  • Transport assistance for students aged 16 - 19

    If you currently receive transport assistance to a school sixth from or college, and you will be starting your second or third year in September 2010, you can still apply for subsidised travel.

  • Transport for Special Education Needs

    Satisfy the following eligibility criteria to apply for transport help.

  • Transport for students on medical grounds

    If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like to apply for transport assistance on medical grounds, please complete an application form.

  • Tourism signs

    The tourist industry has long recognised the benefits of adequate and distinctive signs for visitors and tourists. 'Brown' tourist signs help visitors to find the attraction as well as promoting it to potential visitors.

  • Your library pin

    Use your library PIN to get the most from our online services.