Changes to rights of way

The Definitive Map and Statement (the legal record of Public Rights of Way) is only changed by a legal order. There are two main types of changes:

  • Public Path Orders – which create, divert or extinguish paths.
  • Definitive Map Modification Orders (DMMOs) – which record existing rights of way (often historic ones) and are used to correct errors and omissions in the Definitive Map and Statement

Under some circumstances, orders can be made by the District or Borough Councils, or by the government. This website does not include those orders.

Additionally, Traffic Regulation Orders may be made to restrict or prohibit use of a public right of way. These may be temporary or permanent (unless revoked) and are made, for example, to enable development to occur or for public safety.

List of current orders

Applying for a Public Path Order

If you want to make an application to divert of extinguish a path please email

Applying for a Traffic Regulation Order

If you need to work on or next to a public right of way you may apply to temporarily restrict or prohibit public access for up to 6 months providing it will be re-opened on its original alignment in a suitable condition for public use. At least six weeks advance notice is required. Please email

TTRO Application Form to 31.3.2018 (PDF, 22.51 KB)


TTRO charges updated 31 March 2017 (PDF, 11.14 KB)



In emergencies where works need to take place for public safety, or where you consider a permanent Traffic Regulation Order is necessary, please email

Applying to correct an error or omission in the Definitive Map

If you want to make a ‘claim’ on a path (add a new path, delete an existing path, or upgrade/downgrade a path e.g. change a footpath to a bridleway), then please contact the Rights of Way team.

Existing applications can be viewed here:

Definitive Map Register of Applications

Changes to rights of way was last updated on March 31, 2017.