Applying for a traffic regulation order

If you need to work on or next to a public right of way you may apply to temporarily restrict or stop public access for up to six months providing it will be re-opened on its original alignment in a suitable condition for public use. We will assess the application which may or may not result in an order being made. We require at least six weeks advance notice. Please note:

The application will not be processed until a site inspection has taken place.

In developments where there are plans to permanently divert a public path, under either the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 or the Highways Act 1980, we will only agree to a temporary traffic regulation order once the permanent diversion has been confirmed. 

The developer is responsible for the safety of the public legally using the public path through their site.

Please email

TTRO application form to 31 March 2023 (PDF, 158 KB)
TTRO charges updated 31 March 2022 (PDF, 86 KB)

In emergencies where works need to take place for public safety, or where you consider a permanent traffic regulation order is necessary, please email