Renewing your bus pass

We will not send your new bus pass automatically when it expires.

You can renew your bus pass, free of charge:

  • from one month before the expiry date
  • up to a year after the expiry date

You cannot renew a bus pass which has been issued by a different authority – you will need to make a new application for either an older person’s pass or disabled person’s pass.

If you have a disabled person’s bus pass (with an orange stripe down the side) we may need additional evidence to confirm your eligibility. If you have a disabled person’s pass but now qualify for an older person’s pass, you do not need to provide evidence of your disability. You will be issued with an older person’s pass when you renew.

The easiest way to renew is online.

Please note that:

  • you will not be able to renew online if you have changed your name or address, as we will need to see evidence
  • we may ask you to visit a one stop shop or write to us if we need a new photograph or up to date evidence of a qualifying disability


To renew your pass online you will need

  • the long number from the front of your bus pass

If you want to update your photo, then you will need either a webcam or built in camera to take your photo, or a passport style photo which you can upload.

You can’t renew online at the moment if

  • we need to see up to date evidence of your disability, or
  • you need to update your address, or
  • you need to change the name on your pass.


Alternatively, you can renew your pass by calling 01926 359180, visiting a one stop shop or completing the Renewal request form – older person’s bus pass (PDF, 57.63 KB) and posting it to us.

You will normally receive your new bus pass through the post within two weeks. You can carry on using your old pass until it expires, or until the new pass arrives.

If your bus pass does not arrive, then you must notify us and request a replacement within four weeks of your request, otherwise you will be charged for a replacement.

Once your new bus pass arrives you can start using it straight away and you must cut up the old one.