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These terms and conditions apply to everyone issued with a valid concessionary travel pass by Warwickshire County Council. Valid until 31 March 2020.

  1. The Warwickshire Concessionary Travel Pass ('the pass') is part of the English National Travel Concessionary Scheme. It can be used for free travel on local buses anywhere within England:
    • between 9.30am and 11.00pm on Monday – Friday
    • all day at weekends and on public holidays
  2. Warwickshire passholders can also use their pass for free travel on local buses:
    • for journeys starting in Warwickshire on Monday – Friday from 9.00am
    • for journeys starting in Warwickshire on Monday – Friday until midnight.
  3. The pass is not valid in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  4. The pass is only valid whilst the passholder lives in Warwickshire. A passholder moving out of the area must tell Warwickshire County Council and apply for a pass in the area where they now live.
  5. The pass can only be used by the passholder whose name and photograph appear on the pass. It cannot be used by anyone else. Fraudulent use will result in prosecution.
  6. The pass is not valid if out of date, illegible, damaged or altered.
  7. If the pass is lost or damaged, a charge will be made for a replacement.
  8. The pass must be shown whenever requested by an inspector or driver.
  9. The pass should be returned to Warwickshire County Council if the passholder is no longer entitled to and/or able to make use of the concession.
  10. The pass does not give any rights other than those enjoyed by any fare-paying passenger, nor does it entitle a passholder to be carried in preference to any other passengers.
  11. Warwickshire County Council can accept no liability for the failure of any bus service to operate or of any bus operator to accept a concessionary pass.
  12. The pass remains the property of Warwickshire County Council and may be withdrawn by an operator or by Warwickshire County Council if misused.

Warwickshire County Council reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions at any time and will consult users as required.

Delivery policy

There is no delivery charge for a new application or a renewal. Delivery is included in the amount you pay for a replacement pass.

Your pass will be posted to the residential address associated with your pass directly from our card supplier unless you have made arrangements to collect it from one of our offices. Passes are posted via Royal Mail and so you must allow up to two weeks for delivery from the date the pass was posted.

Refund policy

Where a payment has been made to replace a pass, refunds will only be offered in the following circumstances:

  • where WCC has failed to send out the replacement bus pass within two weeks (providing WCC is not awaiting further information from the customer e.g. a new photo), or
  • where WCC has made an error in charging for a replacement pass.

In all other circumstances, the payment is non-refundable, even if you later find your lost pass. This is because:

  • a new pass is ordered electronically as soon as the request has been made, and
  • when you order a replacement pass, your old pass is cancelled and will no longer work on the electronic ticket machines.