Vehicle restrictions and vouchers for recycling centres

About the restrictions and vouchers

Vehicle and trailer restrictions apply at all household waste recycling centres in Warwickshire. The voucher scheme enables some residents to use vehicles otherwise excluded by the vehicle and trailer restrictions.

Vouchers are only valid for residents whose sole means of transport is a small car-derived van or pick-up. If another unrestricted vehicle is registered to the same address, vouchers will not be issued.

These restrictions apply to vehicles carrying household waste. Commercial waste is accepted on a chargeable basis.

The following vehicles are restricted:

  • van or pickup up to 2.2 tonnes: six vouchers per year
  • caravanettes, people carriers and minibuses if seats are removed: four vouchers per year
  • twin cab pick-up or large 4×4 between 2.2 and 3.5 tonnes: four vouchers per year
  • commercial vehicle over 2.2 tonnes: chargeable where vehicle permitted on site (please check before arriving)
  • van and trailer: chargeable where vehicle permitted on site (please check before arriving)
  • pick-up and trailer: chargeable where vehicle permitted on site (please check before arriving)

Vehicles that fall within the 4×4 category, including Range Rovers, will be treated as a car and will not require a voucher, provided they have windows in the sides of the rear compartment and have rear seats.

Trailers up to 2.5 metres in length are permitted for the disposal of unaccompanied compostable green waste on weekdays before 12 noon (not bank holidays). Besides a maximum of 2.5 metres, trailers qualifying for this exemption should also be un-braked, single axle and 750kg maximum gross weight.

Visitors to the recycling centres whose vehicles aren’t eligible for free vouchers may be able to deposit waste materials as paid-for commercial waste. Alternatively information on private disposal sites can be found in the yellow pages.

Apply for vehicle vouchers

Please read our HWRC vehicle restriction policy (PDF, 133.67 KB) and fill in an application form to apply for vehicle vouchers.

Please note that:

  • vouchers will not be issued if the household has a car
  • vouchers will not be issued for transit type vehicles or any vehicle which has a legal gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes
  • vouchers will not be issued for hired or borrowed vans
  • vehicle vouchers do not allow you to dispose or commercial (trade) waste
  • vouchers do not allow unlimited quantities of waste to be deposited at household waste recycling centres
  • building waste is not classified as household waste and will not be accepted free of charge.

You must return:

  • the completed and signed application form
  • a copy of your VC5 vehicle registration document

If you are applying for vouchers for a company vehicle you must also enclose a letter from your employer stating that personal use of the vehicle is permitted.

Copies of the vehicle voucher application form are also available on request at all household waste recycling centres

HWRC vehicle voucher information leaflet and application form (PDF, 1002.67 KB)