Housing related support

We aim to improve the quality of people’s lives, by promoting independent living and encouraging people to build on their existing skills and capabilities.
These services are either accommodation-based, where support is provided to people living in specific accommodation, or are provided on a floating support basis where the support worker visits customers in their own homes.

We help people aged 16 or over to:

  • maintain independence, good health and wellbeing
  • keep safe within their home and local community
  • budget effectively
  • understand their tenancies
  • participate in training/education
  • obtain paid work


How to access the services

You can request support yourself by using the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) or by phoning the support provider.

Referrals on someone’s behalf can be made by any agency including:

  • self­-referring (using the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) );
  • multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA)/Police/National Probation Service/Community Rehabilitation
  • company/Youth Justice
  • children’s social care
  • housing department
  • advice agencies
  • health and wellbeing agencies, including the Family Nurse Partnership

To apply for any of services please complete the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) .

Accommodation based services

These services will provide short term accommodation based support to prevent, reduce and/or delay their need for care and support through being homeless.

Young people aged 16 to 25

This service is provided by the Salvation Army Housing Association.

Please complete the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) and send it to referrals-warks@saha.org.uk.

You can call: 01926 335402

Homeless people and ex­-offenders aged 25 and above

This service is provided by HomeGroup.

Please complete the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) and send it to contactwarwickshire@homegroup.org.uk.

You can call: 0300 131 0017

Floating support services

These services provide short term interventions to:

  • support people to stay in their homes
  • Support people to work towards living in their own home
  • Prevent homelessness, hospitalisation or institutional care.

Young people aged 16 to 25

This service is provided by St Basils working with Doorway.

Please complete the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) and send to

You can call: 01789 332 540

People aged 25 and above

This service is provided by P3.

Please complete the online referral.

Or alternatively complete the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) and send it to warks@p3charity.org.

You can call: 0808 164 6220

People with disabilities aged 16 and above

This service is provided by Together for Mental Wellbeing, working with BID Services and supports people with a variety of needs including those with:

  • mental health issues
  • learning disabilities
  • physical disabilities
  • sensory impairments

Please complete the Referral Form (DOCX, 804.92 KB) and it send to:

You can call:02476 796416