Design Services Bridge Maintenance team win award

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) West Midlands Awards 2016 took place at the ICC in Birmingham on 26th May.

The Design Services Bridge Maintenance Team were awarded the Highly Commended for Heritage Award for - Bidford Bridge accident response and repairs.

The judges were particularly impressed by the collaborative partnership approach and the innovative use of photogrammetric surveys and drawings to ensure matching of materials in a high quality finished outcome. This followed the collision of an agricultural crop sprayer with the ancient monument which crosses the River Avon in June 2015.

Awards were presented by Mark Downes, ICE West Midlands Chairman 2015-16, Professor Alice Roberts (guest speaker), and ICE Vice President, Zara Lamont, at an awards dinner attended by over 350 professionals working in the built environment.

A total of twenty diverse projects from across the West Midlands were entered for the awards and judged by a panel of chartered civil engineers.

Design Services Bridge Maintenance Team win
Highly Commended for Heritage Award for the Bidford Bridge Project


Zara Lamont - ICE Vice President, Professor Alice Roberts - Guest Speaker, Monica Fogarty, front - WCC Strategic Director for Communities, Mark Ryder, back - WCC Head of Transport & Economy, Steve Young - WCC Bridge Maintenance Manager,Shane Plumridge - WCC Project Supervisor, Mark Downes - ICE West Midlands Chairman 2015-16, Richard Roberts - WCC Project Manager



Zara Lamont - ICE Vice President, Professor Alice Roberts - Guest Speaker, Richard Roberts - WCC Project Manager, Mark Downes - ICE West Midlands Chairman 2015-16.


Design Services Bridge Maintenance team win award was last updated on June 6, 2017.

Bidford Bridge update – 11/11/2015

Bidford River Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic between the hours of 10:00 and 15:00 on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th November.

During these road closures the former diversion route via the villages of Barton, Welford on Avon and the B439 will be in place.

Pedestrian bollards with reflective banding are to be installed central to the landing areas during these limited windows of operation.

Access to pedestrians will be maintained throughout.

Bidford Bridge update – 11/11/2015 was last updated on November 11, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 03/11/2015

Later today, Tuesday 3rd November, the B4085 Honeybourne Road and Bidford River Bridge crossing will be open to vehicular traffic following delivery of the repair programme.

Pedestrians crossing the bridge should be aware of the phased traffic lights and live carriageway, as the bridge resorts back to its former arrangements for crossing.

Due to an unfortunate delay in manufacturing and delivery of the landing area bollards, an isolated road closure later this month will be required to install these features as soon as possible. As yet the arrangements for these works are unconfirmed. However, it is envisaged that the required window of operation is likely to take place from 18th to 20th November, between the hours of 10:00 and 15:00 each day. The diversion route via Welford on Avon and Barton will be reinstated during these times, and the County Council appreciate your cooperation in advance and throughout.

Bidford Bridge update – 03/11/2015 was last updated on November 3, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 30/10/2015

Stone Repairs

The extensive works undertaken by the Stonemasons have involved three distinct areas of rebuild. Following inspection of the cut-water (nose of pier) at river level, further damage to the sandstone blockwork was identified at this low level. Approximately 15 courses of White Hollington stone have been rebuilt, integrating new stone in and around existing. On removal of the scaffolding, members of the public looking at the vertical elevation may interpret this stone as unsympathetic. However, the specification of stonework has been deemed appropriate by Historic England, and in time, the colour of the stone will naturally fade and discolour. The varying river level will also play its part as dirt, moss and algae growth takes effect.

Cutwater Nosing White Hollington to Blue Lias Stone Cutwater Rebuild 1 White Hollington to Blue Lias Stone Cutwater Rebuild 2

A series of lime mortar samples were co-ordinated with Historic England for their approval to ensure the mortar specification considers the surrounding stonework, both in colour and strength of hydraulic lime in respect to the moisture levels at river level and carriageway.

The salvage operations, both at carriageway level and from the river bed ensured sufficient blue lias stone was recycled for the rebuild upto carriageway level on the external elevation. Above this line, new blue lias stone has been imported to account for the parapet wall, which consists of two leaves of stone, and a lime mortar and fragments of stone infill. This unfortunately does represent a large volume of new stone imported. The parapet's appearance will fade again in time, accelerated by road surface water, dirt, grease and grime, mainly contributed by low level pollution from the adjacent live carriageway.

Blue Lias Parapet Parapet

The bright orange / yellowish coping stones which are of a Cotswold Sandstone cap the bridge parapet wall. The existing stones have been salvaged and re-bed where possible. However the impact damage and subsequent fall into the river caused a large proportion of this stone to be condemned and not fit for re-use. Again, under the guidance and consent process granted by Historic England this stone has been sourced to match the existing. This is evident in the following two photographs which display; 1) existing stone with reworked face sat adjacent to new coping stone. The re-chamfered edge exposes the colour of the stone when this parapet addition would have been built. The contrast is quite amazing. 2) The true colour of the sandstone copings is evident at low level on the bridge, behind pier 1 - village side, where the yellowish stone has been sheltered from the harsher conditions at road level.

Cotswold Sandstone New & Existing Copings

Bidford Bridge update – 30/10/2015 was last updated on November 2, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 16/10/2015

Masonry repairs to the cut-water, pier, landing area and parapet are scheduled to conclude week commencing 26th October. The use of lime-mortar in re-constructing and re-pointing the stone parapet limits the rate of progress, giving the mortar sufficient time to harden.

Re-surfacing works to the landing area will take place on removal of the scaffolding at carriageway level, whilst the area is then cleared and cleaned before departure. There are a significant number of barriers and signs to remove from site which has provided pedestrian access across the bridge at all times.

Warwickshire County Council are currently in consultation with Historic England regarding the use of appropriate features that may be used to protect the parapet going forward. These include 'sensitive' bollards that are in keeping with the heritage structure, to be installed at various intervals across the bridge landing. Subject to being granted consent, these features are to be installed before the road is reopened to vehicular traffic.

Special arrangements to provide access for delivery (only) to Meadow Park on Sunday 1st November in support of the scheduled Bonfire display are being made at this time. The river scaffolding system will be dismantled after this date, with the intention to re-open the road to vehicular traffic before the weekend commencing Friday 6th November.

Your co-operation and support throughout the works and as we near completion of the repairs is very much appreciated.

Bidford Bridge update – 16/10/2015 was last updated on October 16, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 22/09/2015

Early estimates for the repair programme following the incident in June 2015 indicated a duration of four to six months. This considered complications arising from working on a particularly sensitive structure i.e. ancient monument, and the actual location of the incident, central to the river.

Works to date support the council’s intention to re-open the Honeybourne Road to vehicular access at earliest opportunity on completion of the repairs. Good progress has been made and it is envisaged that the maintenance team will be in attendance on site to mid-November where they will dismantle the scaffolding system in use and remove the adjacent compound area thereafter.

Sensitive measures that may safeguard the bridge parapets are being considered at this time. More information will be shared with members of the public when available.

The cost of undertaking the masonry repairs on a listed structure, enabling pedestrian access during the road closure, maintaining both the signed diversion route on the highway and management of the vessels on the River Avon including a defence against floating debris has been estimated at £300,000.

Currently Warwickshire County Council is providing funding for the emergency repairs in order to minimise disruption and prevent further delay whilst it seeks to recover the cost of repairs from the farm vehicle driver’s insurance company.

Bidford Bridge update – 22/09/2015 was last updated on September 23, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 17/09/2015

Historic England’s Inspector of Ancient Monuments visited site on Wednesday 16th September and is happy with the quality of the works to date. The reconstruction of the parapets is progressing as planned and the new blue lias masonry for the parapets and the cotswold limestone coping stones are on site ready for use.

Works to the parapet consist of constructing a double skin of masonry where the previous works to the cutwater was a single skin so there is still a significant amount of work to complete. Working at carriageway level does mean that there is more working room for additional staff and so the programme and completion date remain unchanged.

Bidford Bridge update – 17/09/2015 was last updated on September 17, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 09/09/2015

The works to repair the damaged sections of the bridge are continuing to progress as planned with the repairs to the cutwater now nearing carriageway level. This leaves the reconstruction of the parapet to complete and barring any unforeseen circumstances, the works are still expected to be finished in early November.

Bidford Bridge update – 09/09/2015 was last updated on September 9, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 25/08/2015

Works to the lower section of the cut-water have been completed on time and the lower level of the scaffolding is being removed today. This means that the risk of the works having to stop due to adverse weather and raised river water levels is now reduced and we can be more confident of an early November completion date.

Bidford Bridge update – 25/08/2015 was last updated on August 25, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 20/08/2015

An inspection of the bridge repairs was undertaken on Wednesday 19th August by the project team and Historic England’s Inspector of Ancient Monuments. The inspector confirmed that he is happy with the quality of the workmanship and materials used to date. Further inspections will be undertaken as the repair works progress.

Bidford Bridge update – 20/08/2015 was last updated on August 20, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 06/08/2015

Project staff hosted BBC Midlands Today's Giles Latcham and crew yesterday morning, Wednesday 5th August, providing insight into the techniques being used to repair the bridge. This article can be viewed from the 'In The News' tab - or from the link below.

5th August 2015 - Midlands Today

Bidford Bridge update – 06/08/2015 was last updated on August 6, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 23/07/2015

We are doing our utmost to repair Bidford Bridge as soon as is feasible given the complex nature of the task.

In the meantime we are acutely conscious of the daily inconvenience caused to Bidford residents, the surrounding area and the effect on local businesses whilst repairs are ongoing.

We fully understand the wish for local businesses to recoup losses incurred through the closure of the bridge. Whilst the County Council is not able to issue legal advice to individuals or businesses directly, we are assisting them to identify sources of help.

We have published the insurance contact details of the vehicle which caused the damage at under ‘support’.

Those affected can approach the insurers to discuss whether an insurance claim may be possible in their particular circumstances.

Small businesses whose trade is affected, may qualify to have their rateable value reduced by The Valuation Office Agency until the bridge is repaired. If this is not viable they may be able to qualify for Stratford on Avon District Council’s Hardship Relief. Enquirers should contact the Enterprise, Housing and Revenues Division on 01789 260993 for advice.

The estimated timescale for the repair is 4-6 months from the point of incident on 9 June 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 23/07/2015 was last updated on July 24, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 16/07/2015

The erection of scaffold on site nears completion this week, thanks to the efforts of our Principal Contractor Balfour Beatty, their sub-contractor Sky Scaffold Ltd and support from the Avon Navigation Trust. The scaffold design considers the status of the ancient monument, effectively clamping round the piers and cut-water rather than fixing back into the face of the bridge. The structure's weight limit and pedestrian access prevents the use of kentledge (mass concrete) blocks at carriageway level to suspend a scaffold system on the upstream elevation. Our team of stonemasons will shortly start to 'tool-out' the stone faced elevations in order to rebuild the cut-water using a combination of sandstone and blue lias. Historic photographs and drawings are being used to rebuild the pattern where possible, much like a jigsaw. Members of the public crossing the bridge may have seen the significant volume of stone which has now been cleaned and prepared on site, ready for the rebuild. Hidden reinforcement detail is also being planned to stitch and tie the stonework in place, subject to approval from Historic England.

Bidford Bridge update – 16/07/2015 was last updated on July 16, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 07/07/2015

As of this morning, Tuesday 7th July, work to retrieve the stone from the river Avon has been completed, and the fall restraint raft which was used to 'catch' the parapet from carriageway level dismantled. There has been significant effort made by Avon Navigation Trust during the last two weeks, undertaking dredging works to form route from the compound area on the edge of the bank to the cut-water and pier. Warwickshire County Council and Historic England's joint structural inspection identified additional parts of the pier to be dismantled before working at river level - this was completed successfully last Friday 3rd July.

The design team are nearing agreement with Historic England and the Environment Agency on the approved scaffold design, to be erected across three arch spans and will provide access from carriageway level. Early designs have been revised in an attempt to minimise the impact to pedestrians crossing the bridge. You may appreciate the design has been unable to tie back into the delicate elevation with anchor points due to the historic nature of the structure. This system will be erected on site shortly, and members of the public will see a real transformation in the site.

The estimated duration of works still stands between 4 and 6 months from point of incident, however, a programme is being determined in order to accurately identify dates for your information . The County Council have filed application with Historic England for consent to undertake repair works to the ancient monument - this will be fast-tracked for review and assessment by HE.

A working group including senior staff from Bridge Maintenance, Traffic & Road Safety, Traffic Signals and Information Systems, County Highways and Historic England has been set up to identify options for the bridge which may prevent similar incident in the future.

Bidford Bridge update – 07/07/2015 was last updated on July 8, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 29/06/2015

Following a weekend of mobilisation works by the Avon Navigation Trust, in and around the river level, further emergency works were undertaken this morning to make the stone parapet wall safe to inspect at low level.

A full closure of the footbridge was in place between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00am. Having provided pedestrian access for those commuting to and from work, school and the park, a second partial closure between 9:00 and 12:00 (noon) was then used to remove the stone from the bridge deck and moved into the river bank compound. Delays to pedestrians and cyclists seeking to cross the river bridge have been limited to ten minutes throughout.

From here our qualified stonemason will determine what blue lias and sandstone coping stones can be salvaged as part of the wider repair scheme.

Full pedestrian access was restored before Monday lunch in consideration to the High Street and surrounding businesses. Later this week, stonework at the base of the bridge in the river will be salvaged and re-cycled for the pending repairs where possible.

Bidford Bridge update – 29/06/2015 was last updated on June 29, 2015.

Bidford Bridge – Temporary Pedestrian Closure

Temporary Pedestrian Closure of the river bridge is scheduled for

Monday 29th June, between the hours of 5:00 - 7:00am and 9:00 - 12:00(noon).

In order to establish site, mobilise equipment and dismantle the precarious stone parapet, whilst retrieving stonework from the river bed, isolated closures of the pedestrian footbridge are required.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Bidford Bridge – Temporary Pedestrian Closure was last updated on June 26, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 25/06/2015

Businesses in and around the village are open as usual. 'Pedestrian Access' across the bridge will be maintained where possible, bar isolated closure when moving equipment and materials. Should cyclists cross the bridge, please dismount and consider those on foot. The temporary closure is applicable to vehicles and motorcycles.

Location map highlighting car parks in close proximity to Bidford Bridge.

Bidford Bridge update – 25/06/2015 was last updated on June 30, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 23/6/2015

Minor works are being undertaken this week in order to prepare for a start onsite, week commencing 29th June. Short isolated closures preventing pedestrian access may be required when moving equipment and materials about onsite. However, it is the intention of all parties involved to maintain pedestrian access throughout the programme.

Bidford Bridge update – 23/6/2015 was last updated on June 23, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 22/06/2015

Officers from Bridge Maintenance attended Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council this evening to provide update on the programme of repair works, explaining what work has been undertaken to date. Questions were fielded from residents in attendance and further review of the diversion signage will be undertaken as a result of concerns relayed.

Bidford Bridge update – 22/06/2015 was last updated on June 25, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 22/06/2015

The Avon Navigation Trust have been undertaking further assessment of the river bed this afternoon in preparation for works that will retrieve the stonework lost to the River Avon. It is our intention to re-cycle as much stonework as possible during the re-build.

Bidford Bridge update – 22/06/2015 was last updated on June 23, 2015.

Bidford Bridge update – 10/06/2015

A vehicle collision on 9 June caused significant damage to the ancient monument stone parapet, spandrel wall and central pier at Bidford Bridge. The bridge which was closed following the incident has now been re-opened to pedestrians, however a date to re-open the bridge to vehicular traffic is currently unknown.

"Bridge Maintenance Engineers have assessed the damage and determined that partial dismantling of the damaged parapet will be required and repairs to the pier at river level, and to the face of pedestrians landings are necessary. The stone parapet and spandrel wall also requires extensive repair. Further inspection and assessment of the stone arch spans is required to determine any further defects.

"As the bridge is a historic structure coordination of repairs and involvement of different stakeholders is necessary. Arrangements have been made to meet interested parties to discuss the logistics of undertaking repair as soon as possible. These include representatives from Historic England (formerly English Heritage), Canal River Trust, stone masons, traffic control, highways and the county council's term maintenance contractor.

"Diversion routes will be in place for the duration of the works and the county council will keep the parish and district council and the public informed of developments as they take place. We will aim to minimise disruption to local businesses where we can."