We provide the driver retraining courses for motorists who have been given the option of attending as an alternative to prosecution.

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Booking your course

You cannot apply to attend a driver retraining course if you have not been offered a place. If you are eligible you will have received a letter from the police that gives you the option of attending a course.

You can book a course with Warwickshire Council by telephone (call 0300 555 8177) or online by clicking on the ‘book online’ button at the top of this page. You will need your police reference number, pin number and a method of payment to make your booking.

You can attend courses at locations nationwide. Details of course locations outside of Warwickshire can be found on the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme website.

The Safe and Considerate Driving course cannot be booked online. Please see the details below for how to book. If you choose to attend a course outside of Warwickshire you will need to make your booking with the relevant course provider. You DO NOT need to inform us that you have booked a course with another service provider.

Any special requirements must be advised at the time of booking.

All courses available

Drivers who qualify to attend the courses will be sent details by the police. You cannot apply for a course if you have not been offered the option to attend a workshop.

National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC 2018)

Speed awareness helps clients explore why they have exceeded the speed limit and develop a personal speed awareness strategy. The course is for motorists who have been detected exceeding the speed limit within an agreed threshold. It is delivered in an interactive workshop format lasting four hours.

At the end of the course clients should be able to:

  • examine why limits are needed and recognise limits
  • understand that a speed below the posted limit is frequently appropriate
  • identify what causes them to speed
  • identify the disadvantages of speeding and consequences of misusing speed
  • recognise different speed limit areas
  • demonstrate knowledge of appropriate use of speed
  • develop their personal speed awareness strategy.

Available at the following locations:

  • Nettle Hill Conference Centre, CV7 9JL
  • Studley Sports Centre, B80 7BF
  • Warwick Racecourse, CV34 6HN

National Motorway Awareness (NMAC)

The National Motorway Awareness Course looks at how to make smart motorways safer and more efficient. This means providing a better experience for all users. It is an interactive workshop lasting three hours and 45 minutes.

Course objectives – to increase knowledge in these areas:

  • what are the different smart motorway signs?
  • understanding variable speed limits and lane closures
  • how to use emergency areas safely and appropriately
  • the risks of breaking the rules on smart motorways
  • complying with rules on smart motorways – personal responsibility
  • perceptions of control over complying with motorway regulations

Available at:

  • Nettle Hill Conference Centre, CV7 9JL
  • Warwick Racecourse, CV34 6HN
  • Studley Sports Centre, B80 7BF

What’s Driving Us (WDU)

The national What’s Driving Us course has been redesigned and the new version of this course will be live from 1 November.

The times for the new What’s Driving Us course are:

  • morning session: 8.45am – 12.45pm
  • afternoon session: 1.30pm – 5.30pm

What’s Driving Us aims to produce safer and more responsible attitudes towards driving and to increase motivation to drive with consideration for other road users. It does this by giving clients an opportunity to think about what they like and dislike about driving, how other people’s driving affects them and how their driving might affect other people. Through presentations and discussions, clients gain insight into the decisions that people make on the road.

The course is offered to some motorists who are detected committing certain road traffic offences such as using a mobile phone whilst driving, overtaking on solid white lines, aggressive tailgating or jumping a red traffic light. It is delivered in an interactive workshop format lasting just over three hours.

Course objectives:

  • increase clients’ perceptions of driving as a complex and difficult task
  • Increase clients’ recognition that the way they drive and the risks they take have negative consequences for other road users and increase the likelihood of crashing
  • Increase clients’ awareness of the physical, emotional and financial consequences of being involved in a crash
  • increase clients’ understanding of the need for traffic rules
  • increase clients’ insight into the things that influence their driving
  • Encourage clients to identify and overcome their own barriers to safe and considerate driving

Available at the following locations;

  • Nettle Hill Conference Centre CV7 9JL
  • Warwick Racecourse CV34 6HN
  • Studley Sports Centre B80 7BF

Safe and Considerate Driving (SCD)

The Safe and Considerate Driving course cannot be booked online.

To book on this course please phone 0300 555 8177

The course starts at 8.45am and ends at 4.45pm

Driver Alertness is offered to motorists who have been involved in a collision where evidence indicates they have been driving without due care and attention or driving without reasonable consideration for other road users. The course aims to create safer communities and reduce the chances of drivers being involved in future incidents. The course lasts a full day and involves a combination of an in-class interactive workshop and on-road practical driving session under the supervision of a qualified driving coach.

Prior to the practical element, you will be required to pass an eyesight check.

DVLA requirement: to read a car number plate from 20m.

The course will give clients the opportunity to consider:

  • are situations avoidable?
  • accepting ownership of the problem
  • skills for safe driving
  • what affects our driving performance?

Available at the following locations:

  • Hatters Space Community Centre, CV11 5DN
  • Warwick Racecourse, CV34 6HN

Course venues

Please note, not all courses operate from all venues.  See below for a list of venues and courses available at each. You can download directions to all of our venues from the documents and downloads section of this webpage.

Nettle Hill Conference Centre

Nettle Hill
Brinklow Road

Courses available at this location:

  • Speed Awareness
  • What’s Driving Us
  • National Motorway Awareness

Directions to Nettle Hill Training and Conference Centre

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Hatters Space Community Centre

Upper Abbey Street
CV11 5DN

Courses available at this location:

  • Safe and Considerate Driving

Directions to Hatters Space Community Centre

Enter your location or postcode:

Studley Sports Centre

Studley Sports Centre
Abbeyfields Drive
B80 7BF

Courses available at this location:

  • Speed Awareness
  • National Motorway Awareness
  • What’s Driving Us

Directions to Studley Sports Centre

Enter your location or postcode:

Warwick Racecourse

Hampton Street
CV34 6HN

Courses available at this location:

  • Speed Awareness
  • National Motorway Awareness
  • Safe and Considerate Driving
  • What’s Driving Us

Directions to Warwick Racecourse

Enter your location or postcode:

Venue locations map

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to all National Driver Offender Retraining Courses that we provide. By booking a place on a course you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Please note, that in order to complete a course you are required to:

  • attend for the entire duration of the course
  • complete course paperwork (where required)
  • make a positive contribution to the course through active participation
  • demonstrate a responsible attitude to safe driving.

Before the course starts you will be required to present your driving licence and if you only have an old-style paper licence, a form of photographic identification such as a passport. Please ensure you can meet this requirement before you book a course.