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Casualty Reduction Schemes Implemented 2020/21

Speeding complaints

If you have a concern about speeding or wish to request localised enforcement you should, in the first instance, approach the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team at your local community forum meeting which are held regularly at various localities in Warwickshire.

Road safety engineering to slow traffic down such as traffic calming and signing

We improve the safety of the county’s roads by identifying and treating those sites and routes that have a significant personal injury crash history. As speed is a major factor in many crashes, the majority of work addresses speeding problems and can include traffic calming. We also ensure traffic management (including parking management), and signing complies with key legislation and best practice.

Prioritisation of new safety engineering schemes

New schemes are identified using road safety intelligence to ensure as many casualties as possible are prevented with the funding available and are limited only to those locations where there has been a significant history of injury collisions.

There is currently no funding available for additional safety engineering works to address local speeding concerns. Therefore, due to reduced resources, the Traffic and Road Safety Group no longer have the capacity to investigate requests for alterations or new works on the highway.

Speeding outside schools

Speeding is an enforcement issue, and therefore you would need to refer this matter to the Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams, via your local community forum.

Antisocial behaviour and speeding

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour on the highway such as racing or reckless driving this is a matter for Warwickshire Police. To speak to a member of your local safer neighbourhood team call 101. You can also report crime anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Setting speed limits in Warwickshire

We are responsible for speed limits on all public roads, except motorways and trunk roads which the Highways Agency maintains (A5, A46, A45 from Coventry to M45 and A452 north of Stonebridge).

We base speed limits on Department for Transport (DfT) guidelines.

Enforcing speed limits in Warwickshire

It is the responsibility of the police to enforce the law when a speed limit is abused. A speed limit should be realistic for the road environment and be relatively self-enforcing. However, in many areas in Warwickshire, there is a speed abuse problem.

The police, especially on a local level, may be able to undertake enforcement as well as a range of other anti-speeding activities outside of a casualty reduction criteria. However, this will need to be discussed and raised as a priority with the local police through your community forum.

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