Our policies and procedures

Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

Conducting council business

  • Policies and procedures for conducting council business – see the council constitution
  • Also available on request

Delivering services

  • Policies and procedures for delivering our services – see service-specific web pages
  • Also available on request

Customer service

Customer service standards and complaints.


Information charging policy

  • General policy – see also copying charges that we may apply as listed in the County Record Office
  • County Record Office – access and copying information. Free access to original records or copies of records in our search rooms. We may charge a fee to carry out the research necessary to tell you whether or not we hold specific information and for copies. Details of fees and charges are available from the Warwickshire County Record Office. If your enquiry relates to records likely to be available for general access we also provide the names of independent researchers who, on payment of a fee agreed with you, will undertake this research. Most records are available for general access but a few are closed in whole or in part because information in them is exempt information under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations
  • Countryside publications show the list of publications available, if they are free or the cost. There may be additional postage costs unless purchased at the Country Park offices
  • Extracts from the definitive map are available on request and charged. Searches are available and chargeable
  • Register of common land – free to view, searches are chargeable
  • Register of town and village greens – free to view, searches are chargeable
  • Highway search enquiries – queries relating to the status or extent of the highways and the proximity of traffic or road schemes may be requested through a personal search enquiry for which there is a charge
  • Access to fire & rescue incident reports – A charge will be made for the provision of an Incident Report to a private company and will be released only on the submission of the payable fee with a letter granting permission from the owner/occupier

Available online or on request.