We hold a certain level of information regarding emergency incidents that we have attended. Incident Reports can be made available to third parties including home owners / occupiers, insurance companies and the police.

Incident Reports may be either non-data protected or data protected. Data protected reports will only be released to private companies with the written permission of the owner/occupier of the affected property. A charge will be made for the provision of an Incident Report to a private company; the current charge is £85.

The information is released only on the submission of the payable fee with a letter granting permission from the owner/occupier.


Incident reports can be requested via email and/or in writing – information will only be released upon receipt of the appropriate fee/permissions where applicable.

Email requests should be sent to

If making a request in writing, please address to:

Fire Reports
Warwickshire Fire Control
Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service
Warwick Street
Leamington Spa
CV32 5LH

The Fire Report team will endeavour to provide an initial response to requests within a 2 week period.
When/if all requirements are met (eg permissions/fee/eligibility) the request will be processed and a copy of the Incident Report issued.

Note: The fee may be wavered if the request is received directly from the owner/occupier.