What is self-funding?

People arrange their own social care services for different reasons. Some pay the full costs and others may pay a contribution. If you are paying the full cost of your care, you are known as a self-funder. This means that either:

  • you have chosen not to approach adult social care for help
  • you have been assessed but you are not currently eligible for services
  • you are eligible for services but your savings are above £23,250

If you have been told that you do not currently meet the eligibility criteria for services or are simply arranging your own support, a list of service providers through voluntary or independent organisations can be found on our Warwickshire directory. This means that you can choose and pay for the kind of services you feel you need.

Self-directed support (personal budgets and direct payments)

During your assessment, you may be told about self-directed support. Self-directed support is the way that adult social care in Warwickshire is delivered. It involves allocating a personal budget – an upfront sum of money to meet your social care needs.

Care Act

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