What does a financial assessment involve?

You can complete our financial assessment form to see how much you may need to contribute. Completion of the form may take up to 40 minutes.

We will ask you to provide us with information about your income and any capital that you have. This will help us to calculate how much you are able to contribute towards your care.

If you need to fund residential care, the value of your property may also be taken into account.

As part of this assessment, we will take into account any savings you have, as follows:

Savings Contribution
Below £14,250 We will not take these savings into account in the assessment
Between £14,250 and £23,250 A tariff income of £1 for each £250 (or part of £250) and add this to your income used in the assessment
Above £23,250 We will assess you as being able to pay the maximum contribution, no matter what other income and disability costs you may have.

To find out whether you need to contribute to the cost of your care, one of our specialist finance officers can visit you to look at your income, capital or savings. As part of the financial assessment, we may also give you advice on welfare benefits. This may enable you to increase your income by claiming any benefits you may be entitled to.

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