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What is self-funding?

If you are paying the full cost of your care, you are known as a ‘self-funder’.

People are usually self-funders if:

  • they choose not to approach the council for help, or
  • they have had an assessment of need, but are not currently eligible for services, or
  • they are eligible for services, but their savings are above the threshold of £23,250.

If you have been told that you do not currently meet the eligibility criteria for services or are simply arranging your own support, you can find a list of voluntary or independent organisations who provide services on our SearchOut Warwickshire directory. This means that you can choose and pay for the kind of services you feel you need.

Self-funders can still ask the council to assess their care and support needs and can ask the council to arrange their care even though they are paying for it in full.


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