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The main principle to be applied in this Policy is that charges will be based on the full cost of the service and that individuals will pay 100% of this charge where they can afford to do so.

We adopt the following principles to ensure a fair approach to individual contributions:

  • Contributions will be calculated through an individual financial assessment and based on service subject to individual agreement and provision of information.
  • Individual financial assessments will ensure that individuals contribute based on their ability to pay calculated using national guidelines and our Council policy.
  • The financial assessment will ensure that all individuals will retain at least their basic Income Support or Pension Credit Guarantee level plus an additional 25% as a minimum level of income to be retained. No contribution for services within the financial assessment process will apply where income is equal to, or lower than, this level.
  • Individuals can receive a benefits check as part of their financial assessment to maximise their full benefit entitlement.
  • Services users have the right to decline a full financial assessment and may instead choose to contribute the maximum level for their service.
  • Any contribution raised will not exceed the cost of providing a service.
  • Where contributions are not made debt recovery may be pursued for all outstanding contributions.
  • A waiver process is in place for contributions in exceptional cases as defined by our waiver policy.

What services we charge for

A contribution will be made for the following services:

  • Home Care
  • Day Care
  • Transport
  • Telecare
  • Direct Payments
  • Other Chargeable Services – this applies when a person receives a service that does not ordinarily fall into the chargeable services defined above i.e. home care, day care, transport, telecare and personal assistants. The charge will be based on the people/providers that support the customer.
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