Qualifying for social care support

Adult social care offers support to people in a wide range of circumstances. Everyone can get information and advice from us, and many people receive further help. Most of the support we give is aimed at supporting people to keep their independence, in their own home and in their local community.

Warwickshire County Council must assess the needs of any individual who appears to be in need of social care support. The assessment will help us to decide if you need support from a range of services. If, following your assessment, you do not meet our criteria for care and support, either financially, or because your needs do not meet our eligibility criteria we can still give you advice and guidance to help you meet your needs.

Following your assessment, if you are told you are not eligible for support, this does not mean you cannot get help in the future and you can contact us again on 01926 410410 if you feel your needs or circumstances have changed.

If you are not eligible for help from us, we will give you information about other organisations that may be able to help you.

We would not normally arrange support for:

  • housework;
  • shopping;
  • collecting pensions;
  • collecting prescriptions;
  • ironing or other household tasks; and
  • bathing, if you can manage a shower or strip wash.

We would normally arrange support in the following circumstances:

If you are not able to:

  • get out of your bed or a chair or move around without help;
  • look after yourself because you cannot prepare meals and drinks;
  • wash or dress yourself properly, and you need help to manage those essential tasks.

If you are at significant risk because:

  • your main carers, relatives, friends or neighbours who provide a lot of help cannot continue to provide all the help you need;
  • you have needs arising from severe dementia or depression; or
  • you have suffered from physical, sexual, psychological or financial abuse, or if there are good reasons to suspect you might be at risk of this happening.

If you are a carer and:

  • you are putting your own health and welfare at risk because of your caring tasks; or
  • you might need support to continue in your caring role.

What to do if you think you are eligible…

If you think you may be eligible for adult social care support the next step would be to call our customer service centre on 01926 410410 and ask for an assessment.

Qualifying for social care support was last updated on September 29, 2014.