Travel help outside of school or college

You may qualify for:

Driving with a disability

There is help and support available for people with restricted mobility and disabilities, including ‘hidden disabilities’ such as autism, learning disabilities or mental health conditions.

Driving Mobility

Driving Mobility is supported by the Department for Transport. There are 20 independent driving and mobility centres across the UK. They provide professional assessments and information so people with restricted mobility and disabilities can drive safely and maintain their personal independence. The website also contains useful resources and information on equipment, health, using accessible public transport, and FAQs.

Driving Ambitions

This is a grant available from Family Fund, the charitable grant organisation for families with disabled children. The Driving Ambitions grant is aimed at helping a young person get started as a driver. It can help pay for a provisional licence, a theory test and learning materials. It may also cover a young person’s first taster session and funding towards compulsory basic training (CBT) for moped riders. It does not provide support for ongoing funding for driving lessons.

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