Pupils aged 19 to 25

You can apply for free transport help if you:

  • live in Warwickshire
  • are aged 19-25 when the academic year for the course starts
  • have an Education, Health and Care plan or can provide proof of learning difficulties or disabilities
  • are starting a new course for a higher level qualification than you have studied before
  • are attending a full-time course (3 days or more per week)
  • are unable to travel to school/college/training without transport help
  • have no support available from people in your household, other family members, or personal assistants.
  • go to the nearest suitable school, college or training provider offering the qualification/course. Training providers must be funded by Warwickshire County Council.
  • have a journey of more than three miles from home to school/college. Or are unable to travel this distance because of your special educational needs and/or disabilities (please provide proof of this with your application).
  • attend during the normal school/college day and during term time only.

We will use this information to decide whether we can provide you with free transport help.

If you do not qualify for free transport, you or your parent/carer will need to arrange your own transport. There is no option to pay for transport in this case.

You may be able to get transport help through this scheme under the previous policy if you are:

  • continuing a course
  • and paid contributions in the last academic year.

Apply for transport assistance for students aged 19-25 with SEND

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