Please note: Without a valid bus pass your child will not be able to travel

Online applications for September 2019 open on Monday 1 April. The deadline for applications for September 2019 is Friday 24 May 2019. Applications received after this date are not guaranteed to be processed in time for the start of the autumn term. 

Do I qualify?

To qualify for help with transport, you must meet the following criteria:

  • you must be a resident in Warwickshire

  • your child is attending the nearest qualifying school to your home - this is the school in whose priority area you live or another that is nearer to home by the shortest walking route

The walking distance (using the shortest walking route) from your home to the nearest qualifying school must be:

  • over two miles for children under the age of eight years

  • over three miles for children aged eight to 16

Walking distance and walking routes

These are not necessarily the shortest distance by road but are measured by the shortest route along which a child, accompanied as necessary, may walk with reasonable safety. As such, the route measured may include footpaths, bridleways and other pathways as well as recognised roads.

Walking distance will be measured from the home boundary gate to the nearest school gate.

Motorised routes are those which are passable by using a suitable motorised vehicle. Paths and roads not passable by motorised transport will not be considered. Measurements will be made by our Education Transport Office.

Changes from September 2019

As a result of our recent consultation, from September 2019 we will only provide free transport to students who attend the nearest school to their home address. This may not be the priority school.

Transport to church aided schools and grammar/selective schools

Transport to these schools is not an automatic right. Applicants will only receive free transport if they are attending the nearest qualifying school to their home address, or if they qualify for free transport as a low-income family. The distance from home to school will also need to be more than the relevant walking distance.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply for help with transport, please complete the following form:

U16 Transport Application

Help for low-income families

If your child is entitled to free school meals, or your family receives the maximum level of Working Tax Credit, free transport will normally be provided for:

  • children aged eight to 11 attending the nearest qualifying school to home, provided it is more than two miles (by the shortest available walking route)
  • children aged 11-16 attending one of their three nearest qualifying schools, provided it is more than two miles (by the shortest available walking route), but not more than six miles (by motorised route) from their home
  • children aged 11-16 attending the nearest qualifying school which accords with the parents’ religion or belief, provided it is more than two miles (by the shortest available walking route) but not more than 15 miles (by motorised route) from their home

Route allocation

If you have a query about route allocation and available routes to a school or college, contact Transport Operations on 01926 412929 Option 1, Option 2 or email [email protected].

Help for those who do not qualify for free assistance

In some cases, there is an option to receive transport under our vacant seat scheme. Payment will be required.