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Children under five

About the library

All Warwickshire Libraries provide a safe, family-friendly environment. Joining the library is free and children can join from birth.


What can a child borrow?

  • Up to ten books
  • Children’s CDs
  • A wide range of information books.
  • Spoken word CDs and talking books including stories, songs and nursery rhymes.
  • eBooks and eAudio

Library Catalogue - children's collections

Babies Love books

Even tiny babies will love to hear you read to them.  Sharing books with your child is not only a special time together but also the important start to your child’s reading journey.  We have lots of ideas of how to get started and what to borrow next.

Gifts from Bookstart

During one of the first visits from your health visitor, you should receive a free Bookstart Baby pack. Pack contents may vary, but each has everything you need to start sharing stories, rhymes and songs with your baby every day.

Contact us – for more details about Bookstart or:

Every child aged three- to four-years-old should receive a Treasure Bag with a book at their nursery (or equivalent setting) in their pre-school year.

Tips for reading with your child

  • Sharing books is a vital part of learning to read and talk.
  • You can share at any time – not just at bedtime.
  • Encourage your child to choose his or her own books.
  • Don’t worry if they keep choosing the same favourites.
  • Find a quiet, comfortable place with no distractions. You can’t compete with the television!
  • Reading at bedtime is a really pleasant way to end the day.
  • Take five minutes to read a book or magazine yourself! This sets a great example to your children.

Free activities in your local library

"My 8-month daughter and I attend Rhyme time at Coleshill Library every week and have great fun learning new songs, meeting others and playing instruments. We love our library!"

Rhyme Time

Most of our libraries hold weekly Rhyme Time sessions for children under the age of two years old and their carers. Join us for half an hour of singing and rhymes.   A great opportunity to choose books to take home and enjoy.

Story stomp

Free, fun sessions for two- to four-year-olds and their parents and carers, following on from Rhyme Time. Stories and rhymes to help children’s speech and language development.

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