Community managed libraries

Community managed libraries in Warwickshire

Community managed libraries are run by local community groups with support from the County Council’s Library and Information Service. They can be found at:

What a community managed library offers

You can:

  • borrow, request and renew books with a Warwickshire Library and Information Service card
  • return books borrowed from any Warwickshire Library and Information Service library
  • join Warwickshire Library and Information Service
  • notify staff of changes to your membership details
  • use our Ask A Librarian enquiry service
  • use most of our subscription websites

Each library hosts a range of events and activities. Contact the individual library to find out what they offer.

Fines and replacement costs

Fines and replacement costs are the same for community managed and Warwickshire Library and Information Service libraries. Other costs may vary.

We will send you a reminder for any overdue items borrowed from community managed libraries.

Volunteering at community managed libraries

There are sometimes volunteer opportunities at community managed libraries. Please contact them directly via the list of libraries on this page.

Community managed libraries was last updated on August 8, 2017.