COVID-19 and personal assistants (PAs)

COVID-19 booster vaccinations

Personal assistants are classified as frontline health or social care workers (key workers), and can book a booster vaccination six months after their second vaccination. PAs will need to self-declare they are a frontline health or social care worker when booking and will need to provide proof of employment at the vaccination site, otherwise they may be turned away.

One of the following will be accepted as proof of employment: a workplace photo ID, a recent letter from their employer (last 3 months) or a recent payslip which shows their employer (last 3 months).

If you require a key worker letter for your personal assistant(s) as proof of employment, Penderels Trust, the Direct Payment support service, have produced a template.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please email or call 01926 413908 and speak with an Independent Living Team Officer.

If you need personal protective equipment (PPE)

Please email, including the following information:

  • What PPE is required
  • How many people will you need to use PPE for? Please see below instructions on what PPE should be worn in what situation. We will only be issuing PPE in line with this guidance.
  • How often you will be interacting with that person over the next seven days.

We will then arrange supply, based on the agreed prioritisation process.

Free personal protective equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 needs in adult social care will remain available until the end of March 2022.

For your information, the guidance on what PPE people should wear when visiting customers is linked below.