Keeping safe

We strongly advise you to have help and advice from our nominated support organisations if you decide to have a personal assistant (PA).

The support organisations will give you all the advice you need at each stage of employing your own staff. The organisation can also carry out a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check on the person you want to employ. We ask that you consider this when you employ your own staff. You can pay for this from your direct payment money.

If you choose not to use the support organisation, there are a number of important things we would ask you to think about to keep yourself safe when you advertise and meet possible staff to see if they are suitable.

Follow this process to keep yourself safe:

  • do not put your home address, telephone number, or details about yourself on the job advert. You could ask the Jobcentre to advertise for you
  • They have their own process which will help you to stay safe or you can perhaps use a mailbox number
  • make sure you ask for Job References from the people you interview and follow them up
  • when you interview people do it away from your home address if you can and have someone with you to support you
  • you must comply with employment legislation and we strongly advise you have support to do this

If you choose to use an agency the law says that care agencies must be registered with the Care Quality Commission.

We strongly advise that DBS checks are undertaken for anyone employed to provide services for an individual who lacks capacity. The cost can be funded from the direct payments account.

The recruitment, retention and employment support organisation can provide access to DBS checks should you request one.

When children are present in the household it is mandatory for us to carry out DBS checks. You must speak with your social worker who will advise when a DBS check must be undertaken for anyone you engage in providing services.

If you are a corporation or unincorporated body you must undertake DBS checks for any workers you use to provide to the person who lacks capacity.

We will request you undertake a disclosure barring check if you wish to be an authorised person and you are not :

  • a family member
  • a spouse
  • a friend involved in the provision of care (please discuss with worker for criteria)
  • an independent care broker or solicitor not previously known to the person who lacks capacity

You cannot be appointed until this check has been completed.