Employed personal assistants (PA)

You are legally required, as a person who employs staff, to have Employers’ Liability Insurance. Relevant insurance must be in place before your personal assistant (PA) can start work. This is a legal requirement. There are two types of insurance that you may have heard of:

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance

Employers’ Liability Insurance will insure you to cover situations such as if your PA has an accident or becomes ill as a result of working for you, for example they trip in your home.

Public Liability Insurance will insure you against any damages or injury caused to someone else by you or your PA while working for you.

We will fund the cost of this insurance within your personal budget as part of your direct payment. We strongly advise you take out a policy that covers you in the event that your PA takes you to an industrial tribunal or you need to make someone redundant. There are terms and conditions you must adhere to and these will be explained by the insurance company.

We do not recommend who you use to provide your insurance cover but Penderels Trust will provide you with information on where to go.

Self-employed PAs

You are not required to provide insurance for someone who is self-employed, as they are responsible for their own insurance.

Please seek advice before recruiting anyone who claims to be self-employed.

Agency workers

It is the responsibility of the agency to have the correct insurance cover before offering their services. You must ask to see a copy of this before buying their service with your direct payment.

Using a vehicle

If your PA is providing transport for you in their own vehicle they will need to ensure they take out the appropriate insurance cover. You must advise the PA to contact their insurance company and request business use cover and show you a copy.

If the PA is driving your vehicle you must ensure they are added onto the insurance policy of your vehicle. Most insurance companies do not charge for this cover.