Keeping on track

If something goes wrong with your direct payment

Occasionally things will happen or changes occur and you will need to talk to someone about what to do.

If your needs are not being met

We may have a responsibility to become involved to help you. A review, or reassessment of your needs may need to take place. We may have to arrange services for a period of time or support you to enable you to carry on using direct payments.

If you are assisting with managing direct payments for someone please contact us and let us know about any changes.

The emergency plans you have in place do not work

You will have discussed a plan about what you will do if your personal assistant (PA) goes off sick, takes annual leave or doesn’t show up for work. Sometimes the best plans do not always work. We have a responsibility to assist you to meet your outcomes as identified in your support plan. If this happens, contact us.

If your PA threatens to take you to an industrial tribunal

If this happens please contact your current recruitment and support organisation immediately and ourselves who can support you with this situation.

If you get into any difficulty

Mistakes can happen when people are using direct payments. Please contact your social care team via 01926 410410.