Direct payment support services - changes to payroll services and managed accounts

The transition from the Rowan Organisation to Penderels Trust started in early August 2021, and while many people transferred without problem, some issues and concerns were raised. Both Penderels Trust and Warwickshire County Council (WCC) want to work with customers as they adjust to the new way of working. Individuals with questions or concerns about their services should first contact Penderels (contact details below). If you need to raise a query with the council please email the commissioning team,

The move to Penderels Trust changed the processes for both payroll and managed accounts. Penderels use these processes to help protect people who use their Direct Payment to employ a personal assistant (PA) and to ensure that legal requirements are adhered to. Below are matters that might need further clarification.

Submission of timesheets

As an employer, it is important that you keep a record of all hours worked and paid to each of your PAs for auditing purposes. When you submit timesheets to Penderels Trust, they are kept on your behalf and can be presented to the council if they are needed, and / or made available to help resolve issues, queries, or disputes about pay. 

Annual leave calculations

It is important that you keep appropriate records of hours worked by your PAs to include annual and sick leave. These records will enable you to show that you are complying with legal responsibilities for employers.  Penderels Trust has an annual leave template for you to use.  If you need support to complete this form, please contact Penderels Trust to discuss this with an Independent Living Adviser (ILA). It is also your responsibility as the employer to add the annual leave owed to the timesheet. The ILA team can support you with this and more precisely, help you to decide if this process should be recorded in hours, or, alternatively, if your PA(s) is a casual worker (no pattern of work or hours), how to calculate annual leave using the annual leave template.

Contact details for Penderels Trust

The phone lines are often very busy and we appreciate your patience. Penderels Trust works hard to answer all calls. If you get through to the voicemail, please leave a message and your call will be returned within 1 working day.