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The A46 Stoneleigh Junction is a very exciting scheme both for Warwickshire and the wider sub-region.

Coventry and Warwickshire has the fastest growing economy within the West Midlands. Infrastructure investment is needed in key corridors such as the A45 and A46 to provide the conditions for businesses to continue to invest in the area. An efficient transport network with sufficient capacity and resilience is key to maintaining and supporting future growth.

Key objectives of the scheme:

  • A more efficient operation of the junction via the signalised gyratory, which will reduce delays incurred through the junction and minimise the likelihood of traffic queuing back along the slip roads to the A46 mainline.

  • Improved road safety for all road users through the junction via the replacement of the priority crossroads at the top of the slip roads with a signalised gyratory roundabout which will minimise conflict. The provision of shared footway/cycleways throughout the junction, as well as signalised toucan crossing points across all slip roads, will further enhance road safety.

  • Assist in mitigating the localised road network including the strategic road network against the potential construction impacts of HS2 due to the improved operational efficiency and increase in capacity at a key junction for HS2 construction vehicles.

  • Reduction in the risk of an accident along the A46 mainline in the vicinity of the junction as the likelihood of queuing/slow moving traffic on the A46 resulting from queues backed up along the slip roads to the A46 mainline is reduced.

  • Contribute to a more resilient (A46) strategic road network due to the likelihood of traffic queuing back along the A46 mainline being minimised, resulting in a more free flowing A46.

  • More reliable journey times through the junction as queues are minimised due to the improved operational efficiency and increase in capacity.

  • Improved access to/from the SRN to the local road network which supports key employment, housing and development sites.

  • Supporting HE’s ambition to create an A46 Expressway which requires high quality junctions which allow road users to experience the same standard of journey that are expected on motorways.

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