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What improvements will be made


In construction.


The scheme will provide a major improvement implemented at the Stoneleigh junction on the A46 between Coventry and Kenilworth. The existing priority junctions at the top of each slip road will be replaced by a two-bridge gyratory roundabout. This will involve installing a new bridge to the east of the existing junction and realigning Stoneleigh Road and Dalehouse Lane. The Dalehouse Lane roundabout will be increased in size in order to improve traffic capacity.

Local benefits

The new gyratory will include a shared-use pedestrian and cycle facility on both sides of the junction, with toucan crossings, for crossing the slip roads.

Toucan crossings reduce the impact of traffic control on cyclists by allowing them to cycle, rather than dismount, at crossing points.

The scheme will help address existing congestion and safety issues at the junction whilst also improving access to the University of Warwick and Stoneleigh Park.

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