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Electrical goods

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is anything that requires a battery, charger or plug.

Where can I recycle WEEE?

Both small appliances and bulky items such as washing machines, televisions, computer equipment, ovens and fridges can be taken to Warwickshire household waste recycling centres (fridges and freezers are not accepted at Wellesbourne). Please check vehicle restrictions before making your journey.

In-store take-back

Some companies offer in-store take-back of electrical items on a like for like basis. If you purchase a new electrical item, these stores will dispose of your old item for you.

Kerbside collection of large electrical appliances

Your local district council offers a paid-for bulky waste collection service.

Is your electrical item still in working order?

Some charity shops and most local re-use organisations may be able to find a new home for your unwanted electrical and electronic equipment. Charity re-use shops are also located at Household waste recycling centres, and able to accept unbroken electrical and electronic appliances.

You can also advertise unwanted items on local online re-use networks such as Freegle and Freecycle.

Where does the WEEE go?

For information on this service please see our where it goes page

How to repair your electrical item

Repairing electrical items is better for the environment and your pocket. There are a number of Repair Cafes across Warwickshire run by volunteers who can repair small electrical items amongst other things.

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