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Gas bottles

Empty gas bottles and fire extinguishers should be returned to the original supplier or manufacturer wherever possible (the manufacturer is normally identified on the side of bottle).

If the manufacturer is identified on the bottle some recycling centres accept them for a charge (see our commercial waste page).

Helium canisters for home use are accepted free of charge at any Warwickshire recycling centre if they are empty and no longer under pressure. For instructions on how to depressurise your canister, please visit Wikihow - dispose of a helium tank. Some recycling centres accept containers still under pressure for a charge (see our commercial waste page).

We will no longer be accepting gas bottles or cylinders marked “BOC” or “British Oxygen Company” at any of our centres. These must be processed by your local BOC depot.

For further advice and information on gas bottles please visit our A to Z of recycling page.

Please note that not all waste types are accepted at all recycling centres so please use Recycle Now to check which recycling centre you can take your items to.

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