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Don’t throw away the things you don’t need anymore – there’s somebody out there who can benefit from them.

  • Reusing an item cuts down on the amount of waste sent to landfill saving on disposal costs.
  • Reuse creates less CO2, water and air pollution than making a new item or recycling.
  • It saves you money by providing a source of affordable, good quality items to buy.

If your item can be mended, then you could try taking it to one of the seven Repair Cafés in Warwickshire. They are free meeting spaces run by volunteers, set up to support a circular economy where we re-use as much as possible rather than throwing things away.
For the details of the Warwickshire Repair Cafes in Alcester, Barford, Harbury, Kenilworth, Leamington, Rugby and Stratford, visit our climate emergency website.

There are a number of organisations across Warwickshire who will be happy to have your unwanted items if they are in good condition:

There are also a number of community furniture reuse schemes in Warwickshire looking for good quality furniture. Some schemes can collect from your door (a nominal collection charge may apply) or you can arrange a drop off at their store at a mutually convenient time.

All of the schemes listed are registered charities with the proceeds of affordably-priced furniture going to good causes.

You could also consider selling or giving away your unwanted items on the internet:

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