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CCTV footage

If your request is to view CCTV images, please supply the location, date and approximate time of the recording and a description of what the footage shows.

All requests for traffic camera/CCTV footage need to be made within four days of an incident occurring. This is because the traffic camera/CCTV footage is only retained for seven days on our systems.

To request the information you will need to provide the following information:

  • the exact date and time of the incident
  • the exact location of the incident using the UK Grid Reference Finder website
  • the direction of travel (for example, northbound, clockwise)
  • your vehicle details (make, model, colour, vehicle registration number)
  • the other vehicle(s) involved (any details or description you may have);
  • the nature of the incident
  • any incident/reference numbers if you were issued one (for example, by the police).

When requesting footage, please consider the following:

  • cameras are installed to view the overall traffic conditions and not individual vehicles
  • there is limited likelihood of a camera pointing in the right direction at the right time
  • the level of zoom affects whether registration details are visible.
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