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Sharing your information to provide services

Personal data includes information we hold for contacting you and processing the services you require. Our information sharing strategies/agreement/protocols with partners are listed here. They provide detailed information about we share your information and how we use it.

Privacy notices

Full privacy notice – explains in more detail how we use and protect your personal information.

National Fraud Initiative – see and the links to the Government webpages

Information sharing for health and social care

Coventry & Warwickshire health and care information sharing strategy (PDF, 281.27 KB) Warwickshire health information sharing agreement (PDF, 1.87 MB)


Data exchange agreement between SWFT and WCC on child health checks (PDF, 284.05 KB) Data exchange agreement between WCC and SWFT for monitoring step down beds pilot (PDF, 343.11 KB) Data exchange agreement between WCC and Arden CSU for monitoring step down beds pilot (PDF, 418.51 KB) Data exchange agreement SEND (PDF, 88.26 KB) Health and social care information sharing agreement: SWFT/George Elliott (PDF, 770.96 KB) School Immunisation and Vaccination Service sharing agreement (PDF, 94.05 KB)

Other information sharing agreements/protocols

Community safety information sharing protocol (PDF, 66.61 KB) School age children information sharing protocol (PDF, 276.95 KB)

Children and young people with disabilities and special needs (PDF, 58.36 KB)
Information sharing agreement – clients with a learning disability (PDF, 41.52 KB)

Information sharing agreement with Staffordshire for children in education (pdf, 149  Kb) Priority families in Warwickshire – sharing agreement (pdf, 121  Kb) Education Funding Agency sharing agreement (PDF, 246.33 KB)


Sharing your information to provide services was last updated on June 22, 2017.