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Online parenting courses

No one ever said being a parent was going to be easy. In fact, it is probably the most demanding job you will ever have. Parenting courses, workshops and programmes are a great way to help you find new ways of working with your children. They can help you come up with new ideas, problem solve and reduce stress. You won’t be alone with many of the concerns you have so it can be encouraging to recognise and build upon your existing skills at the same time as sharing and learning from other parents and carers. 

We offer a range of free online parenting courses designed to support parents feel more confident across all ages of childhood. You are in control of what you learn, at a time that suits you and at your own pace. You can do them alone or with someone else, together or separately but in tandem – it's your choice.

There are eight courses available:

  • Understanding your pregnancy
  • Understanding your baby
  • Understanding your child
  • Understanding your teenager
  • Understanding your child with additional needs
  • Understanding your child’s feelings
  • Understanding your child’s mental health
  • Understanding your relationships

Find your free code and to book on a course - free online courses for parents.

There are also two guides specifically for teenagers to complete themselves:

Family Lives

Family Lives offer free online parenting courses which you work through by yourself. They offer five courses including:

  • Parents Together, suitable for families with primary school aged children and under
  • Let’s Play Online, aimed at parents of young children to help them develop play and learning
  • Coping with Teens is for parents, carers and other family members looking to strengthen the bond with their teen
  • New Baby in the Family is for parents looking for ideas and resources to help manage the new change in the family

Find out more about Family Lives online courses

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