Who are we?

We’re a small team of dedicated, professionally qualified youth workers who use our own knowledge, skills and experience to build positive relationships with young people. We aim to prevent the rise of problems in a family situation, tailoring our support as much as possible. We like to be flexible and creative in our response and really listen to the voices of young people.

The element of choice runs through all our work. Young people must choose to work with us, it cannot be done to them. We work with young people aged 11 to 18 years. 

Specialist and targeted youth support

This is support for six or 12 sessions supporting a young person with making changes in their life. The youth worker will work with a young person to identify work that the young person wants to complete. Wherever possible, a young person can choose where and how they would like to be supported, it might be at school, at home or out and about.

Referrals are only from social workers and family support officers and will be linked to the overall programme of family support. It is important that young people are involved in the referral process and have chosen to seek support from a youth worker. When we start a referral, the first thing a youth worker will assess is what a young person's needs are, before proceeding with an action plan.

To make a referral please complete the TYS referral form and email it to [email protected]warwickshire.gov.uk.

Youth clubs

We run youth clubs in Nuneaton and Lillington (near Leamington Spa).

Youth parliament

Each year, young people across Warwickshire vote for self-nominated young people to represent them. Those elected meet monthly at Shire Hall and have the responsibility of campaigning and liaising with bodies of power on behalf of young people.

Each area in Warwickshire also has a youth forum which represents young people at a more local level. Young people are welcome to join this group at any point in the year. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Bike Project

This project runs from Myton Park in the south & Atherstone in the north. The project supports young people to repair and maintain their own bike as well as ride safely. Please contact [email protected]gov.uk for more information.

Group Work Offer

We are offering 4 group work modules led by an experienced qualified youth worker with each module being 4 weekly lessons which will take place within school time. The work delivered is informal and involves activities and discussion. The work is aimed at young people that need support to prevent escalation in their behaviours. You may have already started an Early Help process to support them. For more information, please see the 'Group work offer' in the Documents and Downloads section of this page.