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Relationship conflict and parenting

Sometimes, it is not so much a course on parenting we want but advice and support for ourselves on how to keep our relationships working well as a family and juggling the stresses of parenting as well as our relationship with our partner. We know that conflict can be part of all relationships, and this is completely normal. It’s not the conflict that is the problem so much as how we deal with it that matters. Evidence shows that ongoing, poorly resolved conflict can have a damaging effect not only on our own relationships but on our children’s wellbeing and happiness. 

The following information comes from our family relationship pages where you can find more information on all relationship matters.

Relationships matter

Click is an organisation that covers all aspects of relationship and parenting together. Find information and advice or join an online community and share questions and stories with others in the parenting community:

The Parenting Apart Programme

The Parenting Apart Programme is a specific programme for parents who are separating or divorced, communication has broken down and you are perhaps going through the family courts. This programme can help you work towards an agreed co-parenting relationship where you are both actively working in the best interests of your children. The skilled facilitators can support you through face to face or virtual sessions, help you create a parenting agreement and support contact between parents and their children. The programme is recognised by the courts and might help you avoid a full court process.

If you are interested in this programme, you would need to discuss the content and costs directly with the organisation as it is not available through Warwickshire’s early help offer. Practitioners in Warwickshire are, however, trained in the approach and the full programme is a targeted intervention offered to some families who are already receiving support under children’s services.

Parenting plans

Parenting plans are a good way for separated parents to work out how they will continue to parent apart. It covers practical issues of parenting and helps to be clear and agree on any arrangements that you need to put in place. Cafcass have put together information and advice on writing a parenting plan, including a template to use.


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