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Apply for an Organisation Blue Badge

Some organisations may be eligible for a Blue Badge if they both care for and transport disabled people who would themselves meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for an individual Blue Badge, and there is a clear need for an organisational badge rather than using the individual Blue Badges of the people who will be travelling. 

The organisation should be using a vehicle specifically adapted for the use of disabled passengers. They will need to provide details of the adaptations and if the vehicle is licensed under the Disabled Passenger Vehicle taxation class; and confirm that the vehicle is solely being used for the purpose of transporting the disabled people being cared for. The organisation will need to provide proof of the above eligibility and each vehicle will require a separate badge. 

Applying for an Organisation Blue Badge 

To apply for an Organisation Blue Badge, you will need the following: 

  • the vehicle registration number(s) to show any vehicles your organisation uses to transport people who are eligible
  • evidence that shows your organisations current address for example a recent utility bill or a letter from a government department such as HMRC
  • a debit or credit card to supply a payment of £10 per Blue Badge 

Additional information  

Parking concessions for Organisation Blue Badge users are the same as those for individual Blue Badges holders. 

Taxis, private hire, and community transport operations can use the individual’s Blue Badge when carrying that person.  

Organisation Blue Badge application form (PDF, 151 KB)

Organisation Blue Badge application form guidance notes (PDF, 41 KB)

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