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The Blue Badge scheme allows drivers or passengers with severe mobility problems to park close to where they need to go.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is responsible for the legislation that sets out the framework for the Blue Badge scheme. The DfT issues non-statutory guidance in order to share good practice.

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) processes Blue Badge applications in accordance with the DfT guidelines.

The final decision to issue a badge rests with WCC.


WCC currently charges a £10 administration fee for successful applications.

Application Processing & Timescales

All applications are subject to the same criteria and assessment; reapplications are not automatically approved.

We aim to process all applications within 12 weeks of receiving a correctly and fully completed application form, with all of the required supporting documents.

In exceptional circumstances it may take longer.

Fast Track Applications for People with a Terminal Condition

Warwickshire has a fast-track process when dealing with an application where the individual has been issued with a DS1500 (due to terminal diagnosis).

The application will be fast-tracked and processed on the day that the completed application form, supporting documentation, and payment is received.

Application Review Process

WCC have an internal review process to ensure that decisions are fair and equitable. If an application is unsuccessful, applicants have 4 weeks to query the result, from the date of the refusal letter.

Fraudulent Applications

If it is discovered that information supplied in the application is not genuine, the Blue Badge will be withdrawn.

Lost, stolen or damaged replacement badges

WCC will re-issue stolen badges free of charge if the Badge Holder provides a crime reference number.

For lost and damaged badges, WCC will charge the standard Blue Badge administration fee of £10.

WCC will issue replacement badges with the same expiry date as the stolen, lost, or damaged badge.

Equalities and diversity

The Blue Badge Team provide assistance to anyone unable to complete their application due to physical, sensory, learning disability or language problems.

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