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Using a Blue Badge

Who can use the Blue Badge

The Blue Badge is issued to a person, not a vehicle. This means the badge holder may use the concessions whenever they travel as a driver or passenger, regardless of who owns the vehicle. Only the Blue Badge holder may use the concessions, so the badge holder must be in the vehicle when the concession is being claimed.

The Blue Badge holder is responsible for the badge and must not let anyone else use it or photocopy it.  

Where you can use it 

In general, you can use your badge for parking:

  • on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours, providing all of the people in the car exit the vehicle, unless there is a ban on loading or unloading
  • at 'on-street' parking meters and pay-and-display machines for free and for as long as you need to
  • in disabled parking bays

You can find out which car parks have disabled parking bays by checking the car park information on the relevant district council website. Links to parking information in Warwickshire can be found at

Where you cannot use it  

The Blue Badge is not a licence to park anywhere. If you park where it would cause an obstruction or danger to other road users, you could be fined or have your vehicle removed.

Particular places where you must not park include:

  • where a ban on loading or unloading is in force
  • where parking places are reserved for specific users such as resident bays or loading bays
  • pedestrian crossings (zebra, pelican, toucan, and puffin crossings), including areas marked by zig-zag lines
  • clearways (no stopping)
  • a bus stop clearway during its hours of operation  
  • an urban clearway within its hours of operation. You may only pick up or drop off passengers  
  • school 'keep clear' markings during the hours shown on a yellow no-stopping plate  
  • bus, tram or cycle lanes or cycle tracks  
  • where there are double white lines in the centre of the road (even if one of the lines is broken)  
  • where temporary parking restrictions are in force, as shown by no-waiting cones or temporary signs

Displaying your badge

Make sure the badge is facing upwards, so that the details on the front can be clearly seen. It should be placed on the dashboard.

You will get a time clock with your badge. This must be displayed when you are parking on a parking restriction, such as a double or single yellow line. Many disabled bays also have time restrictions, and you must check the signs before leaving your vehicle.

Displaying the badge and clock on your dashboard helps the Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens) check that the badge is valid and that you have not exceeded the parking time.

Blue Badge misuse  

It is a criminal offence for someone other than the badge holder to use the Blue Badge concessions.

If they do, they are liable to a fine of up to £1,000. The Blue Badge can be withdrawn if the holder misuses it or allows others to use it.

If you are being driven by someone else, they should be aware of this too. Please remember:  

  • do not allow other people to use the badge to do something on your behalf, such as shopping or collecting something for you. When you are not travelling in the vehicle, take the Blue Badge out so no-one else can use it.  
  • you must never give the badge to friends or family to allow them to park for free, even if they are visiting you.  
  • you should not use the badge to allow non-disabled people to take advantage of the benefits while you sit in the car.  
  • it is a criminal offence to misuse a badge. This includes people other than the badge holder taking advantage of the parking concessions provided under the scheme. 
  • do not use the badge when it is has expired and is out of date

For further guidance please visit the GOV.UK website

Destroying expired or no longer required badges

Once a badge has expired or is no longer required, we ask that you destroy it to prevent fraudulent use by others. You do not need to return a badge that is no longer required or has expired to us.

Please see the Renew a Blue Badge section to renew your badge

If your Organisational Blue Badge has expired, you need to apply for a new one

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