Road works and construction

Road works and construction

Major disruption in Leamington Spa

Severn Trent Sewer Works are due to commence 01 July 2013, and are expected to last until August 2014.

NMCNomenca - more information on the works
For bus service diversion routes see Stagecoach Service Updates.

  • Current and planned road works

    Find details of road closures, roadworks, obstructions, events and other information across Warwickshire.

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    • Major highway construction projects

      Details and updates on large scale projects specifically related to roads, traffic, travel and highways.

    • Request temporary road closure

      We can authorise a road to be closed to allow road works to take place or to ensure safety at a sporting or social event. District and Borough councils can also authorise closures for street parties and fairs etc. The Police can close roads for public safety reasons.

    • Provision of traffic regulation orders

      The legal document that creates a local traffic rule which requires road users to obey certain conditions e.g. one-way systems, speed limits and weight limits.

    • Request a pedestrian crossing

      To request a pedestrian crossing you will need to identify a possible site, and then contact us to explain and detail why a crossing is needed at that site.

    • Apply for a dropped kerb

      Details on the requirements you need to meet in order to apply for a dropped kerb.

    • Road closures affecting bus services

      The news items on this page refer only to those temporary road closures that have been notified to us and are expected to affect normal operation of bus services.

    • Estate roads and road adoptions

      The majority of housing developers prefer to have the roads and footpaths serving their new housing developments adopted by the highways authority. The council is then responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in a clean and safe condition.

    • Highway maintenance

      Maintenance Schemes are selected for remedial work based on the maintenance priority of each site in accordance with the Highway Maintenance Code of Practice.

    • Request temporary traffic signals

      Application forms and process for requesting temporary traffic signals and multi-phase portable traffic signals.

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