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Making a claim

If you have had an accident you feel has resulted from a defect in the highway you may be able to make a claim.

It will be necessary to prove that the defect in the highway caused your accident and that we failed in our duties.

For a claim to be successful it must be demonstrated that:

  • the highway in question has not been maintained appropriately in accordance with the duties imposed upon us by law
  • this was the direct cause of your accident.

If both components of this two-stage test are satisfied you may be entitled to compensation for any losses arising out of the accident.

When making a claim you must provide as much information as possible and include:

  • a sketch plan
  • photographs of the location and damage or injury
  • estimates or invoices for repair of the vehicle or property damaged
  • copy of vehicle documents.

Failure to provide all the relevant information will mean the investigation of your claim will be delayed.

To make a claim please read our Information for completing Highways insurance claim form (PDF, 128 KB) before completing and returning a Warwickshire County Council Highways claim form (DOCX, 165 KB).

We may require your attendance at a site meeting in order to correctly identify the accident location.

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