Finance, suppliers and contractors

FInance, suppliers and contractors

  • Tenders, suppliers and procurement

    Full list of tender opportunities, procurement guidelines and standards, and further information for suppliers.

  • Budget

    Details of our revenue budget and capital programme.

  • Accounts

    Details of our account for the last financial year and previous years.

  • Facing the Challenge

    Information on our approach to making financial savings.

  • County highways spending

    County highways manage and maintain all of the highway network in Warwickshire in conjunction with Carillion plc, except Motorways and Trunk Roads.

  • Audit, risk and assurance

    Information on our auditing processes and standards, as well as details on reporting suspected fraud.

  • Pensions – statement and reports

    Statements, reports and information on the administration of the council’s pension fund.

  • Payments to Warwickshire County Council

    Information on sending payments to Warwickshire County Council.

  • Payments from Warwickshire County Council

    Information on receiving payments from Warwickshire County Council.

  • Financial standing orders

    Financial standing orders provide the framework for managing the County Council’s financial affairs. They apply to every member and officer of the County Council and anyone acting on its behalf.

  • Salaries of senior managers

    Information on the salaries of senior managers within the organisation.

  • Pothole and road repair spending

    The repair of potholes is carried out by a combination of temporary and permanent processes. Cost management decisions and health and safety requirements, often makes it more cost effective to do durable temporary repairs, which should last up to 12 months.

Finance, suppliers and contractors was last updated on December 23, 2013.