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Warwickshire County Council has a good record in preventing and identifying fraud but cannot afford to be complacent. Fraud diverts money away from front line public services such as schools and community services. Preventing and detecting fraud is the responsibility of all staff.

The basis of the Anti-fraud and corruption strategy and policy is the council’s commitment to:

  • High standards of financial honesty;
  • Complete opposition to fraud, dishonesty or malpractice, wherever it occurs or whoever commits it;
  • A culture of openness and honesty.

WCC Counter Fraud Bribery and Corruption Framework (PDF, 251.91 KB)

Reporting fraud

If you suspect dishonesty or fraud you should contact Risk and Assurance Services.

Fraud Hotline – 01926 412052

Secure Email:

All information received will be treated in confidence.

National Fraud Initiative

The County Council, together with every local authority in the Country is required to participate in the National Fraud Initiative. This is an exercise run by the Cabinet Office to improve the prevention and detection of fraud with public bodies.

Warwickshire County Council fair processing notice

Local Government Transparency Code: Counter-Fraud

Tackling fraud is an integral part of ensuring that tax-payers money is used to protect resources for frontline services. The cost of fraud to local government is estimated at £2.1 billion a year. This is money that can be better used to support the delivery of front line services and make savings for local tax payers.

A culture of transparency should strengthen counter-fraud controls. The Local Government Transparency Code makes it clear that fraud can thrive where decisions are not open to scrutiny and details of spending, contracts and service provision are hidden from view. Greater transparency, and the provisions in this Code, can help combat fraud.

The Transparency Code requires the annual publication of data relating to the Council’s counter fraud work. The table below summarises all the information which we are required to publish.

Local Government Transparency Code Fraud Data (CSV, 721 B)

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