Highway construction details

Highways England, under Volume 3 and 3A of the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, have published a series of highway construction details for motorways and trunk roads.

Not all these details apply to road works carried out on our road network, so we have developed details when carrying out highway works within Warwickshire.

The details are used as the minimum standard for road works being carried out by either the highway authority and developers who have entered in to Section 38, 184 or 278 Agreements under the Highways Act 1980. Developers will need to ensure estate roads are constructed to these details if the roads are to be successfully adopted by the highway authority.

Highway construction work carried out under a Section 278 Agreement will be undertaken directly by the highway authority using one of its approved contractors.

Volume one – highway sections, edge of pavement details, highway drainage, fences, stile and gates, ducts and miscellaneous details:
Highway Construction Details (700 Series) Volume 1 – May 2018 (PDF, 7.35 MB)

Volume two – details of shared and segregated cycleway / footway facilities:
Highway Construction Details (700 Series) Volume 2 – April 2016 (PDF, 2.7 MB)

The Highway Authority also has its own surfacing and structural maintenance strategy 2015. This is used with the highway details to define construction details and materials to be incorporated in to the works.