Highway service standards

Roads and pavements

InspectionsA Roads – 8 times a year
B Roads – 4 times a year
C Roads – twice a year
D Roads – once a year
Defect repairsCat 1 e.g.100mm deep pothole – make safe/repair within 24 hours.
Cat 2 e.g. 50 to 100mm deep pothole – repair within 28 days.


Drainage and flooding

Gully emptyingMinimum once every 2 years.


Landscape and trees

Grass cuttingWCC Rural Areas – 1m swathe 3 times per year.
District & Borough Urban Areas – 1m swathe 6 times per year.
WeedsAnnual spraying programme on kerbed carriageway channels. Annual ragwort treatment programme.
SidingAs necessary to provide safe passage to road users.
HedgesWCC – As necessary to provide safe passage to road users.
Private – Owner’s responsibility. Enforcement as appropriate.
TreesInspection of WCC Trees – Inspected on 5 year cycle by WCC or district council.
Private trees – Owner’s responsibility. Enforcement as appropriate.
FencesSafety barriers maintained to national specification.
Guidelines for Pruning Council Trees (PDF, 43.71 KB) Maintenance of Highway Trees by a Third Party (PDF, 47.21 KB)

Signs and lines

Road signsReplacement & cleansing as necessary within budget constraints.
Road markingsReplacement as necessary within budget constraints.


Street lighting

OperationA minimum of 98.5% of all lights operating at any one time.
RepairsEmergency damage aim to – make safe within 1 hour. Aim to replace column within 1 month.
Routine fault – repair within 5 working days.
Cable fault – repair within 2-4 weeks.
Cleaning and changing lamps – in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.


Legal and illegal obstructions

ObstructionsObstructions presenting a hazard to highway users will be removed.
Trees and shrubsTrees may be planted in the highway subject to conditional approval.
Floral tributes and memorialsFloral tributes may remain for up to 30 days. Permanent memorials will not be permitted.
SignsSigns presenting a hazard to highway users will be removed. Advertising signs will not be permitted.
Skips, scaffolds and hoardingsPermitted subject to conditions.
Vehicle accessesPermitted subject to conditions and planning consent where required.
Fly posting and tippingAnything presenting a hazard to highway users will be removed.


Public contact

LettersReply within 5 working days.
Telephone callsAnswer within 7 rings.
EmailsReply within 5 working day.


Winter service

Precautionary grittingThe following roads will be gritted when frost is forecast:

  • All A & B class roads.
  • Roads serving hospitals and main industrial estates.
  • A single route to each village.
Footway grittingFootways may be gritted during periods of prolonged frosty weather.
SnowResources will be targeted to restore the network as quickly as possible.
Salt binsBins provided by Parish Councils will be refilled as resources permit.

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Highway service standards was last updated on April 12, 2016.