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Defining commercial waste

Recycling centre closures due to coronavirus

More information and guidance on services affected by coronavirus.

Commercial waste is waste from premises used mainly for business purposes or through other business activities. Household waste is still chargeable if brought to the site in a vehicle that is not a car (such as a van or pick-up etc) as we class this as commercial.

More information and guidance on services affected by coronavirus.

You cannot use the domestic collection service, or household waste recycling centres free of charge, to dispose of commercial waste.

Please note that the decision on whether waste is chargeable rests with the site staff and their decision is final.

Businesses must be registered as a waste carrier, broker or dealer to use our commercial waste services.

Businesses are responsible for ensuring the waste they produce is correctly disposed of, so check the contractor you use is licensed to handle the type of waste produced.

For more information about meeting your duty of care obligations please visit Right waste right place.