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Fords Foundry (Myton Road/Old Warwick Road) and Queensway roundabouts

Google Maps Street View - A452 Fords Foundry and Queensway roundabouts

Improvements and benefits 

The scheme will:

  • Increase capacity through the provision of additional lanes
  • Enable better control of traffic by installing intelligent traffic signals
  • Provide more active travel options by creating a corridor of connected cycling and walking links
  • Increase business and retail activity in the area through improved links to Warwick and Leamington town centres
  • Futureproof for homes identified in the Warwick District Local Plan

Scheme layout

Updated plan of the Europa Way corridor. The plan shows the location of new Toucan Crossings and where additional lanes will be


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When are the works due to start and end?

The works are due to start in May 2024 and last for approximately 16 months.

How is the project being funded?

The project is being funded by:

  • Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP)
  • S278 Developer contributions
  • S106 Developer contributions
  • Warwickshire County Council funds

How will traffic signals control the flow of traffic?

Implementing signals is the next step to help ease congestion on a roundabout that is operating at capacity. Multiple sets of signals can be linked together to minimise queuing and help control the flow of traffic. Signals will use a traffic control system that can detect vehicles and adjust their settings to respond to fluctuations in traffic.

Why are shared pedestrian and cycle facilities going to be provided?

Shared pedestrian and cycling facilities are being provided to create better links between the town centre, residential and business areas such as Leamington Shopping Park.

What assessment of the proposals has been carried out?

In developing the overall scheme several different options were considered and were run through the Warwick traffic model. Modelling allows for the comparison of the before and after scenario considering both the current traffic flows and the predicted future traffic flows. General increases in traffic over time is calculated from national sources, and from traffic relating to the anticipated growth in the area as a result of the industrial and residential developments set out in the Local Plan.

The model outputs, and the modelling of different options, which has included additional traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and traffic lanes, has been assessed in conjunction with the physical restrictions on the A452 such as level differences between the road and the footway, the location of trees and utilities. The current plans take the results of these assessments in to account and reflect the most effective overall scheme in terms of highway capacity, provision of facilities for pedestrian and cyclists, safety, deliverability and financial viability.

Will there be any road closures?

We are not expecting there to be any road closures, however, if any are required, their details will be provided in the updates for A452 Europa Way and on one network, with as much notice as possible.

When will there be roadworks?

The majority of the works will be carried out during the hours of 7.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. However, there may be times when works will be required outside of these hours.

Are there alternative ways to travel during this time?

More information on alternative ways to travel

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