The A46 Link Road is a very exciting scheme both for Warwickshire and the wider sub-region.

Coventry and Warwickshire has the fastest growing economy within the West Midlands. Infrastructure investment is needed in key corridors such as the A45 and A46 to provide the conditions for businesses to continue to invest in the area. An efficient transport network with sufficient capacity and resilience is key to maintaining and supporting future growth, and this is exactly what the A46 Link Road scheme aims to deliver.

Latest news

Since planning permission for the A46 Stoneleigh Junction Improvement Scheme was granted in 2018, a number of elements of work have been carried out.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has been approved the Side Road and Slip Road Orders.

The detailed design of roads and bridges are finished and has been sent out for pricing.

The Highways England technical approval process has started and ecological works to protect the environment and minimise the impact of the scheme have been carried out.

A46 Stoneleigh Junction Improvement Scheme  - Advanced Tree and Vegetation Clearance

In preparation for the main construction works for the A46 Stoneleigh Junction Improvement Scheme, it is important that advanced tree and vegetation clearance works as shown in drawing A46-38-20200106 (PDF, 96 KB) are carried out before birds begin nesting in the Spring.

This advanced tree and vegetation clearance work will take place from the end of January 2020 and is expected to take 3 to 4 weeks. The work will be undertaken by Warwickshire County Council’s contractor COLAS-SIAC Ltd who will require temporary traffic signals to be deployed to ensure the safety of the workforce and road users. Unfortunately the works will cause some disruption, but the temporary traffic signals will only be used during the off peak period of between 9:30 am and 15:30 pm on weekdays to minimise the impact on traffic.

Upon completion of the main A46 Stoneleigh Junction Improvement works a landscaping scheme will be planted to offset the loss of the vegetation and trees which are being cleared at this stage.