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To join, you must either:

  • live, work or study in Warwickshire or;
  • live in a neighbouring county, for more than eight weeks, from the date of joining.

How to Join in the library

Ask any member of staff at a County Council managed library.


Please show one form of ID with your name and address or photo ID;

  • utility bill;
  • postmarked envelope;
  • bank statement;
  • rent agreement;
  • photo driving licence;
  • official personal correspondence (not handwritten letters);
  • Coventry Libraries card;
  • medical card.

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Concessionary tickets for Warwickshire Libraries users

In addition to our standard tickets for children and adults of all ages, we also offer a range of tickets suitable for people who have a disability or whose circumstances fit one of the categories below.

Over 16s categories:

  • adults with learning and reading difficulties including dyslexia;
  • Books on Prescription users;
  • carers (16+);
  • child minders;
  • foster carers;
  • home educators;
  • hearing impaired adults;
  • home library service to individuals (books collected by carers for a housebound person);
  • mobility impaired adults;
  • visually impaired adults.

Under 16s categories:

  • foster children;
  • visually impaired children;
  • mobility impaired children;
  • hearing impaired children;
  • children with learning difficulties including dyslexia;
  • home library service to individuals (books collected by carers for a housebound child);
  • young carers (aged 15 and under).

If you think you fit one of the categories, please talk to a member of staff at a council managed library.

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Temporary and universal membership


You can join as a temporary member if you are visiting Warwickshire and staying between eight days and eight weeks. No proof of local address is necessary but proof of name and signature is, (e.g. bank card, passport).

You can borrow two printed books and two printed magazines.


Universal Membership is a national scheme enabling library members to borrow physical books from any local library service in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. A library card from another authority within the UK can also be accepted in lieu of name and signature ID.

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Cancelling, and expiry of, your membership

Cancelling your membership

You can ask to cancel your membership at any time and, providing no monies are owed, the membership record is deleted.  Your information is held for as long as you remain a member.

Expired membership and renewal

Please contact us if you think your membership has expired  We will renew your membership or ask you to join the library again, depending on the length of time since your membership expired.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership lasts for two years at a time.   Every two years we ask you to confirm that you still want to be a member, and that your contact and other details are still correct.  This is to ensure we comply with data protection legislation and that we don’t hold incorrect information about you.

How will I know when my membership is due for renewal?

We will email you shortly before your membership is due for renewal, asking you to come into a library and confirm that your details are correct.

If we don’t have your email address, please make a note of the expiry date and contact us to renew your membership.

What happens if I don’t renew?

If you don’t respond within 12 months we will delete your record from our system, unless you have used your library card within that time, in which case it will be deleted after a further 12 months. You can renew your membership at any time during this period by contacting us to confirm your details.

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